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Draftline SP




Facial Unlock

︎︎︎ 2020

A bot that gives free data for soccer
fans to watch the matches on their phones.
But wait: to get the data you have
to change your beard style.

AD → Caio Cardoso
CW → João Freire

No change?  No game.

Fashion Like

︎︎︎ 2012

Special hangers installed at C&A,
that showed in real time how many likes
each piece has received on Facebook.

AD → Caio Cardoso, Rodrigo Ghiorzi, Marcelo Bruzzesi
CW → Flávio Reghini, Hélio Marques


Beautiful Basics

︎︎︎ 2019

A digital project for Gillette's social
networks all over Latin America.
A basic toolkit of photos and movies
about the superiority of the products.

AD → Caio Cardoso, Leticia Haag, Leônidas Pires
CW → João Freire

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Look Block

︎︎︎ 2012

An app that blocked the
pieces of clothing you bought,
making them unavailable
to all your Facebook friends.

AD → Caio Cardoso, Estela Padilha, Marcelo Bruzzesi
CW → Marcelo Páscoa, Vinicius Malinoski, Hélio Marques

This piece is yours
and nobody else's.